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Angela Lubinecky
Angela Lubinecky
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When you look at my art you will find glimpses into where life has taken me.

I was raised in a multicultural community in East Africa and early on was exposed to a variety of exciting influences. Life and all it’s international flavors led to the basis of my abstract, visual expression of life. My inspiration draws from the impressions I saw in Africa. They range from the bright colors and patterns printed on Kenyan “Maridadi” fabrics to the detailed beadwork in jewelry made by the Masaai tribeswomen. I was struck by the beauty of the people and their many art forms. I admired the symmetry of the Ethiopian Coptic crosses and patterns, which were repeated in the architecture (Lalibela), as well as intricately embroidered clothes. The “Tinga Tinga” paintings from Tanzania with their colorful repetitive patterns continue to be a constant source of material for me.

Lastly, art is about telling a story. The vibrant and expressive batiks by artist like Mugalula were a narrative about the Ugandan people, their music, their way of life, their precious cattle and their beautiful land. My paintings are a narrative on canvas. They talk about the people I have met throughout life all over the world and the way relationships sometimes evolve over time through shared experiences. My work usually depicts an event, an occasion, a special time or a memory.

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