Maria Gratta-Pagnani

Maria Gratta-Pagnani
Maria Gratta-Pagnani
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Maria Gratta-Pagnani

Educated with degrees in both Criminal Justice and Fine Arts I have found Art to be the cure for what ails my soul. Art has enabled me to overcome tragedy and loss by resolving through my art issues that would make others run and hide.
A member of the South Shore Art Center, Fuller Craft Museum and Monotype Guild of New England as well as a Board member of 4th Floor Artist, Gallery Coordinator for Gallery 4 located in Rockland MA and Project/Store Manager of Studio@ the Beach, member of Hull Art Association.
Printing Monotypes and Mono prints is an incredibly fluid process, I can build on the spontaneity of the process by predicting what different textures and colors will do. I want to work in a way that will allow me more textual properties if ink and paper. Printing for me is to create new and exciting color manipulations.
I want the viewer to fell the camaraderie between the prints and the drawings, as they become the focus of the piece. Color, pattern, design and abstraction are my main concern.
The finished results of my prints are often a surprise to me because the journey often leads me to an unanticipated place.
The motifs of my prints are strongly influenced by my past ten years, the loss of ten family members and my love and appreciation for the women who delicately helped me through these overwhelming and turbulent times. For this I tried to capture those sacred moments.

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