Poetry, Painting, Ceramics
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Sandra Kimzey Wimbish is a visual artist who has traveled to and resided in several countries. She uses visual art to express the beauty of some of the people, animals and places she has encountered.Sandra grew up on the rural prairie of Kansas and roamed the pastures on horseback, building forts and fighting imaginary hostiles. Recognizing very early that she was going to bankrupt them for lack of paper, her parents provided her with stacks of scrap paper–mostly discarded cattle papers–and encouraged her to sketch to her heart’s delight. Which she did. Pretty much no surface was sacred—her work was produced, and subsequently erased from school desktops; can still be found in college textbooks and classroom notebooks. Her family often finds her sketching while listening to sermons at church–maybe the guitar or other musical instrument located on the stage, or maybe another angle of the pastor.

Her desire to create art followed her from elementary school through formal training in high school (thanks again, Howard Svaty) and into adulthood. She has captured the people and cultures of numerous exotic destinations, some of which have been published in books and brochures in several countries.

Sandra and her husband currently reside in rural Waxhaw, NC, where they have managed to raise four children who have each, to one degree or another, inherited some creative and artistic genes.

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