Tricia Dudley
Artist Category:
Mediums: Painting
Short Artist Bio: Self taught artist, living near Monroe. Grew up in Australian outback. Love to add different media together, and woork reflects a love of color.
Artist Website Address: http://www.triciadudleyartist.com
Artist Phone Number: 540-845-4519
Artist Email: triciad226@gmail.com
Mediums: Literature, Photography, Painting
Artist Website Address: Social Media: Donna B Robertson Art
Artist Email: donnabrobertson41@gmail.com
Mediums: Painting, Ceramics
Artist Phone Number: 704-804-4004
Artist Email: artcotera@yahoo.com
Mediums: Photography, Painting, Ceramics
Artist Website Address: http://www.abbydamico.foliohd.com
Artist Phone Number: 724-762-7396
Artist Email: abbyndamico@gmail.com
Mediums: Acting, Photography
Artist Website Address: http://www.mamalucamedia.com
Artist Phone Number: 704-962-6962
Artist Email: ldeluca52@gmail.com